A Late Night letter


So another beautiful day has passed. A moment in the history of time. As this big blue-green ball of mud spun about the universe around a multi-zillion watt light bulb (imaging the electric bill god gets every month) I sat starring blankly at the true opiate of the masses, television. Oh do not get me wrong I did other things with my day. Just none more exciting than sitting on my ass letting the beams of red, blue, and green burn pretty little images of the things to buy! Buy!! Buy!!!

So now you wonder "so? Why tell me?" well, this is more of an early late night attempt at building creative energies.

Besides, the cancer causing rays of the boob tube bored me so now I bask in the night light illumination of the soon to be destruction of man kind (the following is best read with someone behind you going "bom bom bom BOOOOOM)….the internet!

Yes, destruction of mankind. Break down of interpersonal social skills. Introduction of once vaccinated diseases into an immune deficient, from lack of sun and exercised, people. Economic dependency on an infant network of out of date phone lines and low cost computer systems.

Yes indeed. The world is going to end due to our new found friend…the internet (previous sound effect optional this time). So until then I shall make my living from it.

Oh well, enough BLAH BLAH BLAHING. Creative juices just not kicking in here so me and my ADD will go and run around the apartment in my Tigger boxers chasing my two mentally unbalanced cats for a bit.

Till next time….ow! don’t bite my toes…later